Personal Statement: 


I have had the Opportunity to join the Occupational Therapy club at the University of South Florida. It is a new club, so it is still growing and progressing; however, I have met so many people with similar goals, and I have built so many new connections. I have also done a lot of volunteer work at the Florida Hospital of Tampa and Ginger Health and Fitness in Tampa. I have gained so much exposure in the Occupational Therapy field while helping others and giving back to my community. I plan to attend graduate school in the Fall of 2019, or the Spring of 2020, with a goal of obtaining a Masters or doctorate. Specific schools that I am looking into include Gannon University in Ruskin, FL, Nova Southeastern University in Tampa, FL, and Adventist Health Sciences in Orlando, FL. Ultimately, I am passionate about pursuing my goals and assisting individuals who may have limitations in their everyday life activities. 

Ajah C.

  • School: University of South Florida

    Major: Health Sciences 


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (Summer 2019)