Personal Statement: 

I am very passionate about helping others and giving back to communities which has lead me to pursue an education based in the healthcare field. I have a goal of working in pediatrics, more specifically implementing my help globally. I have began exploring the healthcare field by starting a healthcare society club with a few of my friends at school. In the club we explore worldwide medical issues and ways we can help in our everyday lives, as well as incorporate ourselves in our school’s community by promoting healthy lifestyles and resources in the neighborhood that can help students maintain their health. I plan on using my degree as a tool to help me find many opportunities in the global healthcare field, whether that be through research, internships, or traveling to third world countries to help their communities. My degree will immerse me in a community of doctors who will also have the same passion for helping those in need.

Alexis H.

  • School: Lehigh University

    Major: Biology
    Minor: Health, Medicine, and Society

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2023)