Personal Statement: 


I have always been passionate about improving urban living because of the neglect I saw amongst these communities as I was growing up. Urban neighborhoods seem to always be at the bottom of the priority list when discussing environmental reform in the United States. I have chosen to dedicate my college studies to learning about these environmental issues and how to customize methods in addressing these complex issues. These issues are not going away and in fact, seem to be intensifying everyday. An individual who genuinely cares about the neighborhood and has loved ones living amongst them is what is needed to ensure environmental concerns are being addressed and a partnership is being developed within these communities. As a college student, I am gathering as much information and experiences to ensure I can effectively fulfill this role. For instance, I am currently on a research team creating a mobile application that will provide individualized advice to residents of Almaty, Kazakhstan which aims to alleviate exposure to daily air pollution. I view these experiences and knowledge as powerful tools and will continue to take advantage of every opportunity so I can be ready to apply it to the complexities of urban living back at home.

Alondra P.

  • School: Lehigh University

    Major: Environmental Studies and Health, Medicine, and Society

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2023)