Personal Statement: 


My main passions are in education, healthcare, and the issues surrounding alternative medicine post-surgery. As of now, I am pursuing my bachelors of science in nursing at Widener University, I am also concurrently getting certified as an emergency medical technician at Villanova University in conjunction with Twin Valley EMT Training Center. At Widener, I am involved with our Widener University Student Nursing Association, Widener Dance Company, and Pride Pack Dance Team. I am also a Widener Reads/Counts tutor for elementary aged school children to teach them reading, writing, and math. In the future, after getting certified as an EMT my goal is to volunteer with our Widener Community Clinic or Community Volunteers in Medicine in West Chester, PA. After graduation, I plan to work in an ICU for two years and then pursue graduate school to obtain a doctorate's in nurse anesthesia. I hope to apply research in alternative medicine to help patients be non-dependent on opioids, thus curving the opioid crisis and providing healthier options for post-surgical pain.

Alyssa M.

  • School: Widener University

    Major: Nursing


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2021)