Personal Statement: 

Two things I am passionate about, service and the medical field, came together in my chosen career path of occupational therapy. I have always enjoyed helping others, through volunteering at my church, tutoring my peers, and ushering at my local theater. I became interested in the medical field after spending most of my high school years in hospitals due to chronic illnesses, so occupational therapy gives me a chance to continue helping others in a field where I hope to use my experiences to make a small impact. I currently choose to follow these passions, in college, through my position as Community Service Representative of Beading Hope, a Card Writer for, a Campus Ambassador for the Buddy Project, along with participating in the Show Your Stripes Club and the Student Occupational Therapy Association. These clubs and organizations allow me to serve my school’s community while developing and pushing myself further to become the best occupational therapist I can be. I will receive my Master’s of Occupational Therapy with only one year of graduate school in my university’s program, so I will eagerly enter the career and begin hopefully impacting the medical field and my clients’ lives in a few years. 

Ashley W.

  • School: University of Scranton

    Major: Occupational Therapy

    Minor: Counseling and Human Services


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2021)
    • Graduate School (2022)