Personal Statement: 


My name is Bryce Mcleod, and for years I feared my future. I saw nothing but failure and disappointment, with me in the center of it. Safe to say l was a very pessimistic person. I had a passion for technology and enjoyed researching its related topics. However, I hated the concept of going to college to take stressful tests and write hundreds of essays. I knew I needed to overcome these fears to truly pursue my passion, but I was too scared of failure and too confused to make decisions. And so I slipped into a deep depression that destroyed my perspectives and hopes of a happier life.


While my academics were at their highest, my mental state slowly dissipated into insanity. Fortunately, I was able to break out of my depression, and with that relief gained a refined and brighter perspective of society. It wasn’t the same perspective I had before, it was quite the opposite, it was clarity. I saw people from a different lens, I thought of topics with a different mindset, a positive mindset. I am attending college not just to pursue my dream of becoming a Computer Scientist, but to also use it as a platform to speak out to people that have gone or are going through struggles similar to mine. Coming from a dark place I will use my newly found traits for the betterment of myself. And soon, for the betterment of our world and the people in it.

Bryce M.

  • School: Penn State University - Harrisburg

    Major: Computer Science

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2024)