Personal Statement: 


As I grew older, I became active in youth development. I strive to be a change agent within the youth, bridging the gap between underrepresented students and college. Because of organizations, such as the ones I take part in, I recognize the power of mentorship, ultimately encouraging my decision to pay it forward. As of today, I work for Franklin & Marshall's Admissions Office, welcoming future students, as well as assisting with the organization and execution of Franklin and Marshalls Collegiate Leadership Summit (CLS) and Multicultural Overnight Diplomat Experience (M.O.D.E). In addition, I work with Franklin & Marshall's Office of Student Success, as a mentor to a cohort of ten Cooperman Scholars, assisting them through their first year of college and providing them the tools to strive at a rigorous institution. I am currently the Vice President, interim President this upcoming Fall, at Franklin & Marshall's only non-greek brotherhood, IMPACT (Intelligent Men Purposefully Accomplishing College Together). Although we are all in college, my position allows me to mentor young men, engaging in intellectual conversations, providing insight on how to balance college, and overall be a positive role model to other men. Although my future has not yet been written, I know that wherever my life takes me, it would be to better my community, my city, and the world.

Cesar C.

  • School: Franklin and Marshall College

    Major: Sociology and Anthropology


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2020)