Personal Statement: 


My ultimate goal is to challenge youth all across the world to adjust to a lifestyle that allows them to perform to their full potential no matter what their passions are. I am currently the founder of the International Youth Organization, which is a vision to bring young adults from different countries to their full potential and to imply vital life skills in order to shape their prosperous futures. The mission is to develop, enhance, and equip the entrepreneurial aptitude of the youth and build a character that leads to success, in order for a flourishing economy to be upheld in less developed countries. I will be majoring in International Relations and minoring in Management and Organization. With those concentrations, I plan on changing how the majority view undeveloped countries as poor, violent, and uncivilized. In reality, they are just longing for someone to boost their E.G.O. Education, Growth, and Opportunity. Every day is a blessing knowing that you are one step closer to changing the lives of many.

Darlingtina T.

  • School: Spelman College

    Major: International Relations
    Minor: Management and Organization

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2023)