Personal Statement: 


As a first-generation, low-income college student, whose passions lie in STEM, I oftentimes share my passions with young learners within my community. My experiences in volunteering with children have very much shaped how I view the world today, as I’ve come to the realization that I enjoy shaping the minds of the future generation of America. More specifically, I hope to achieve my goal of inspiring more young black girls, like myself, to enter the STEM field. While I’d always had an inclination towards math and science, being a black woman in a white male-dominated field has discouraged me from pursuing certain special opportunities. By being a fearless, powerful leader, I hope to inspire the future generation of black female scientists and engineers while volunteering throughout my years in college and beyond. In addition, within the computer science field, I am most interested in human-computer interaction (HCI). Researching specifically human-computer interaction, I want to gain an understanding of how people use technology to interact with other people, then develop more effective ways for these interactions. Many physicists believe that mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can be rooted back to the use of technology. While the digital age has made our lives significantly easier, it has also caused people to become addicted to technology, becoming hermits to the outside world. This causes a decrease in the quality of life, as humans rely on social interaction in order to stay healthy. As research and development continue in human-computer interaction, I would absolutely love to evaluate the impact the interaction with technology has on mental health. Nothing excites me more than the quickly innovative state of the technology industry. My dream is to enter this field, working alongside other researchers, to develop sophisticated technology that will aid us in our daily lives.

DeAisha J.

  • School: Princeton University

    Major: Computer Science

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2024)