Personal Statement: 


I aspire to work in the medical field. My interest in medicine stems from my passion for helping low-income families with children. As the percentage of access to affordable healthcare decreases in low-income families, children in these families lack the nutritional health and care they need. I believe that it is my responsibility to address this issue. I also would like to use my educational experience as a gateway to inspire youth on the importance of education. I want to aid the people that I encounter to embody the grit that my parents have instilled in me, to understand the significance of your actions and the need to pay it forward. I hope that my obstacles and my determination serve as a living testimony to my peers, those behind me, and those to come.

Ibriana G.

  • School: Penn State University Park

    Major: Biobehavioral Health


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2020)