Personal Statement: 

Currently, I am entering my sophomore year of college where I am studying hospitality management. This upcoming fall semester I plan on interning at a hotel in San Francisco possibility as a front desk agent where I will get hands-on exposure as to how the industry works. One of my favorite things about this industry is that there are endless opportunities and there is no standstill to the endless opportunities that you can do. This upcoming year I will focus on all aspects and try to see what I will be most interested in pursuing as a career. I know I am interested in the travel aspect as well as the event planning, I am a creative person who enjoys challenges and constant change which is why both appeal to me. During the rest of my college experience, I will focus on getting many different jobs that allow me to grow and learn so that upon graduation I will know what it's like, as well as doing the 800 hours of interning that is required by my college. Right now I see myself being a corporate event planner and I am currently in event planning classes and trying to get a job as an event coordinator for this food truck business in San Francisco. I am very excited to keep learning and growing and keeping my options open. 

Ileka B.

  • School: The University of San Francisco

    Major: Hospitality Management


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2021)