Personal Statement: 


My passion is computer engineering. I always thought about inventing new things and technology seems interesting and has a huge impact on our lives. After 2 years of community college, I plan to attend Louisiana State University or Temple Univesity. As a career, I would love to work with one of three companies: Google, Apple, or Microsoft. I have also thought about creating my own business. One day I know I will have a huge name in sports. Track and field is something I am very good at and I am aiming for the Olympics one day, also to be the best at whatever I do, that's my dream. I know I will be one of the best in my sport and beat records. I believe that I am an athlete and an activist. I know that I can be the next Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Serena Williams, or LeBron James.

Jeremy B.

  • School: Community College of Philadelphia 

    Major: Computer Engineering
    Minor: Business

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2023)