Personal Statement: 


My passions lie in the judicial systems; I believe that this is where I can make the biggest impact for my community at large. My ultimate goal is to become a Supreme Court Justice. My inspiration is Ruth Bader Ginsberg, she showed determination, discipline, and concentration, she faults for what she believed in becoming an important key to the gender equality movement. Now she sits on the supreme court making important decisions that could change the lives of citizens across the country. I feel as if many overlook the power that is possessed by people in law. I want to practice law to influence, empower, and change policies. I hope to help children grow mentally, physically and emotionally healthy, especially the ones who come from low-income areas facing adversities unimaginable to some. In the law profession,  only four percent of African Americans practice law; I want to be a part of building this quota. I see this as an attainable goal despite the odds that are set against me as an African American female. I use doubt as motivation to keep moving forward.

Martine A.

  • School: Hampton University

    Major: Criminal Justice

    Minor: Sociology Minor on the Pre Law Track


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2020)