Personal Statement: 


During my final year of college, I applied to Graduate school; this was a monumental step for me. Not only was I taking the next step to becoming a mental health therapist but I was proving to myself that nothing would hold me back from my dreams. I am not the student one thinks of when they think of higher education, I have a medical issue, a learning disability and I am a low income, first generation student. Although my story is filled with adversity and obstacles that I had to fight to overcome, I possess the resiliency to achieve. 


Today, a few months after gaining acceptance in multiple graduate programs, I have decided to attend Stockton University for their Masters of Counseling Program, which will open in the fall of 2019. During the year between now and then, I will work at the Mental Health Association, facilitating groups and volunteering as a Crisis Counselor. I will continue to look for experiences in my field. This will allow me to be better prepared to help clients as a therapist. 


I plan on opening an eating disorder center for people who also have chronic medical illnesses. There is no such treatment center in the country. HIFF helped me to realize this goal and the impact I could make towards the people I will meet. I will use my own story as someone recovering from an eating disorder, to help people heal. As a mentor says, “You hurt, You heal, You Help.”

Kathleen C.

  • School: Stockton University

    Major: Master of Arts in Counseling


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Graduate School (2022)


    Earned Degrees

    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Stockton University (2018)