Personal Statement: 


I realized my true calling with nursing when I entered high school. At that juncture in my life, my aunt was pregnant with triplets, and I was overly fascinated with the idea that a woman’s body could handle three growing babies at once. In the latter portion of my freshman year, I received news from my relatives that my aunt had given birth, but only one out of the three babies survived. I wondered how one child was able to survive. She told me that if it were not for the care of a neonatal nurse, her one surviving son would have passed away like the other two babies. I felt the immediate need to know more about the person responsible for helping babies, like my newborn cousin. I did countless hours of research, and I instantly knew I was up for the challenge, especially with the feeling that babies are full of much unknown potential. At this point in my life as a college freshman, I am trying to become involved in clubs and classes that are geared to my nursing major and introduce me to the different possibilities available to nurses. I want to give the first positive outlook of life to babies, especially those who will ensure birth and newborn complications. There is one thing that I believe is mankind’s universal obligation: That is to take care of one other. Becoming a neonatal nurse will help me achieve this obligation.

Kezia L.

  • School: Penn State University Park

    Major: Nursing


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2022)