Personal Statement: 


I am very passionate about black women’s health. I currently work in a pediatric office in order to get acquainted with the medical world and learn what it takes to run a practice. I will be attending the summer session for the PARS program, also known as Penn Academy for Reproductive Science, where I will explore current research topics in reproductive health. I want to help make the mortality crisis for black women and infant mortality rate for the children of black women no longer a crisis. I will do this by going to Xavier University of Louisiana this upcoming fall, an HBCU that produces the most African-American doctors. Xavier will set me up for success with going to medical school. By majoring in psychology on the pre-medical track, I’ll have the ability to critically and analytically think about a black woman’s identity. I’ll develop the ability to influence and change the pyscho-socio-cultural environment in positive and meaningful ways. After medical school, I will do my residency, become licensed to practice, then start up a practice of my own that will serve as a safe place for black women where they know their concerns will be listened to. By making sure their pregnancies have a good outcome, I will be helping to eliminate two problems in the world that will make it a better place for black women and their children.

Kimberly H.

  • School: Xavier University of Louisiana

    Major: Psychology, Pre-med

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2023)