Personal Statement: 


I have a passion for aiding in the advancement and advocation of individuals afflicted with bleeding disorders. I was diagnosed with Von Willebrand Disease (a chronic blood-clotting disorder) in eighth grade. Over the next few years, I endured dozens of different medications. At times, I had to take over 40 pills a day for 12-14 days at a time. This medication made it extremely difficult to concentrate, eat, or even walk. Thankfully, I ended up switching to a specialized clinic a few years later that truly saved my life. Therefore, I plan to become a physician assistant specializing in hematology. I want to not only provide my patients with medical care but also empathize with and encourage them. 


I have completed an internship/shadow experience at Vanderbilt working with a hematologist. This gave me new insight into the physician/patient relationship. Additionally, I have completed an internship at my local Red Cross. I am a member of the Pre-Professional Health Club and Timmy Global Health club which are providing me with experience in advocating for improved public health.


After obtaining my bachelor's degree in biology/pre-medicine, I will attend graduate school and obtain my degree to become a physician assistant. Then I will be able to specialize in hematology and be able to live my dream by helping others overcome their medical struggles.

Madelyn F.

  • School: University of Southern Indiana

    Major: Biology/Pre-Medicine

    Minor: Literature


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2020)