Personal Statement: 


Attending Temple University has been one of the most impactful decisions of my life. My university has offered me all the necessary tools to succeed academically – living in an urban campus has introduced me to people from all walks of life and given me perspective on the importance of being engaged in my community and helped me focus on personal growth. 

I intend to help others in any field I may have any prior knowledge in. I learn from my experiences and impart as much as I can to anyone else who may benefit from whatever information I may have to offer; this includes but is not limited to: the fundamental benefits of investing early, the college application process, tutoring in various subjects, learning to take care of one’s well-being, balancing day-to-day spending, etc. As someone who had to start supporting myself from 17, many of these simple tasks became overwhelming at times, but I was fortunate enough to have people help me navigate through these challenges – I would like to do this for others to the best of my ability.  
I intend to go into the field of finance with a concentration in international business. I grew up in Bangladesh and was fortunate enough to pick up various languages over the years including Hindi, Urdu, English, and Spanish. I want to use this skill as an asset and combine it with my passion for traveling to help to expand companies navigate relationships abroad and increase their confidence in their financial security.

Mahim S.

  • School: Temple University

    Major: Finance

    Minor: International Business


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2021)