Personal Statement: 


"My number one passion is, helping children with disabilities. I love watching children succeed and grow.  I am almost done with my undergrad which puts me one step closer to becoming a Certified Recreational Therapist. My dream would be to open a non-profit center for children with disabilities to get therapy of all kinds and respite care services. Many states are behind in this much-needed care, and I would love to help put a dent in this deficit.  I just finished a 630-hour internship furthering my dream at a center that does just this. In the fall I will not only start my senior year of undergrad but also start my first year of grad school, I cannot wait to see what my future holds. When I am not furthering my passion for helping children, I can be found playing with my dog Paco or cheering on the Tigers at football games."

Megan S.

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  • School: Clemson University

    Major: Recreational Therapy

    Minor: Psychology


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2019)
    • Graduate School (2020)