Personal Statement: 


My name is Monsurat, and I was born to Nigerian Parents who migrated to America for a better future for my siblings and I. I’ve always wanted to make an impact that causes an improvement in people’s lives, whether it’d be big or small. I enjoy reading, writing, calligraphy and visiting new places. I think when you visit a new place, you get to know yourself a little better in a different way. I am currently involved in three clubs. I am a member of the Society of African Leaders and also, Dominion Christian conquerors. I am currently the vice president of the Christian Students at Temple Club starting August 2017. I recruit members for the club and collects all materials and written experiences of those who attended STARS workshops. With the help of the other leaders in the club, I plan club related meetings and events for every school year. My current major is Public Health. I am very interested in the improvement of people’s health and surroundings. I aim to provide health information and programs that low income and disadvantaged people can have access to. I plan to help with the decline of health disparities and make sure health care is available to everyone regardless of age, gender, race or socioeconomic status. Through whatever career I choose in the future, I hope I’ll be able to make change through my work. I believe that with the right information and vision, one can help bring about change.

Monsurat O.

  • School: Temple University

    Major: Public Health


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2020)