Personal Statement: 


I aspire to be an Environmental Engineer because I want to contribute to society by taking initiative and helping to sustain the Earth. Growing up on a tropical fruit farm, I spent most of my time following my grandfather around the farm and asking questions that my little mind could not seem to understand. "What would happen if all the trees disappear?" "Would the earth ever run out of water?" "What if we can't breath the air anymore?" My grandfather tried his best to explain the answers but, coming from his lack of schooling, it did not save my curiosity. It wasn't until I migrated to the United States that I found someone who could answer my questions, science. My 5th-grade self did not speak a word in English, but I understood everything that was going on in Ms. Milone's science class. Since then on, I knew that I was destined to pursue my career in a science field. I am utterly thrilled at the prospect of the spending the next four years at Bucknell University in their College of Engineering, majoring in Environmental Science. I want to create a culture of sustainability and ecological awareness. I am inspired to design and construct systems that preserve the Earth and human health. I know that Bucknell's science program can provide answers and explanations to the little girl in me who still questions "why?", as well as helping me to develop as an individual and as a leader for the common good. 

Muiyeang L.

  • School: Bucknell University

    Major: Environmental Engineering

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2023)