Personal Statement: 


Going to college made me realize my passion for medicine and the Health Sciences. Before then I had no idea what field of study I wanted to devote my life to. I’ve always thought that science wasn’t for me. After my freshman year, I came to terms that science is meant for me and that my grades prove that I’m pretty good at it. Learning about the human body and how it works excites me. I found myself never falling asleep in my biology classes no matter how tired I was, compared to other classes. I enjoyed the topics we learned about and made sure I was always engaged in the class. Shortly after my second semester of taking biology, I declared my major as Health Science focusing in medicine. Helping the misfortunate, like my family, drives me to be in this field of study. Health is so important to an individual and a family. Without a healthy body and mind, one cannot reach their goals as efficiently as they could if they were healthy. Saving lives and promoting prevention is what I want to do in the future, especially for those from low-income backgrounds like me. I plan on working as an EMT after my undergraduate studies then attend graduate school to become a Physician Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner.  Learning medicine never stops, it’s always changing and improving, and it’s a dynamic field I want to be in.

Norhan G.

  • School: Gettysburg University

    Major: Health Science


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2021)