Personal Statement: 


I am unsatisfied; I practice self - reflection and mindfulness, I take ownership over my mistakes, and I believe that everyone should have the freedom to practice what they want.  I am a free American spirit who aspires to help the youth in my community to achieve success via urban renewal by writing, designing, and operating a non-profit in the inner city. My passions are to inspire cultural tolerance, think outside of the box, and be innovative with limited resources in a complicated world. Starting a blog in my junior year of high school was a way for me to express my struggles, and recruit youth to be a part of the solution to injustices. 


My blog is a brave space, of truth and empowerment. It’s a platform that showcases the successes and frustrations of my peers and my community. I currently attend Mighty Writers and ACEL Moore writing program at the Philadelphia Inquirer. These experiences and my exposure to starting my own clothing business during a program I was enrolled in at Bryn Mawr College and Junior Achievement helped shape my career aspirations. Writing has taught me to value my voice as well as the voices of the marginalized, ignored, and disabled. There’s power in our collective stories. My life is a constant research project. I will continue to work on me as a project until I accomplish my goals. As my journey of who I am continues, I will evolve as a better, wiser person.

Nzinga S.B.

  • School: Guilford College

    Major: Business Administration
    Minor: Marketing and Communications

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2023)