Personal Statement: 


I aim to become a photojournalist specializing in the effects of climate change on developing countries. I have a deep sense of empathy, especially for the marginalized. Since I learned, as a child, of climate change’s existence, I have been passionate about the topic. As our environmental situation worsens, it seems people (especially those from first-world countries), are still vastly uneducated about the immediacy of this issue. Along with educating the public through photographs and articles on regions devastated by storms, I hope to inspire compassion and support for the struggling citizens. Journalism is the act of spreading truth to the public.

My form of journalism surrounding the environment would transcend above politics, race, gender, ethnicity, and any other label which seems to divide the world. Compassion is human, and our planet is our home. I simply want to help people learn that they aren’t alone in their struggle, and to spread hope for improvement, while also building an expansive list of examples and indisputable evidence of climate change on our Earth. This issue can be aided and controlled if we all come together and save ourselves. This is a huge subject, and I am one person. But every change to come to the world has begun with one person. No matter how far I go in promoting change, touching the life of even one person is extraordinary. And with this career path, the relationships I will build and places I can go, physically and philosophically, are innumerable.

Savannah H.

  • School: Pratt Institute

    Major: Photography
    Minor: Writing

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2023)