Personal Statement: 

Amongst all of my siblings growing up I have always been the one "in-love with school" I would never miss a day. My teachers were like mentors for me, and they made learning fun, their energy and the way they taught made me eager to get up in the morning to go to school. I plan on going to Graduate school after I graduate so I can receive my Master's before working fulltime in an Elementary School. My short-term goal as a future teacher is to provide the same support for future children that I will be teaching. My long-term goal is to provide and participate in afterschool and summer programs. Summer and afterschool programs played a huge role in my childhood, and it is a good outlet for students to expand their horizons and learn more about which art or craft they are good at. Overall, I would love to start a non-profit in the future. I would like it to be for children in the community that are interested in furthering their education beyond High School but may not have the mentors or role models they need to get there, just an outlet that provides guidance for academic and real-life situations. In the meantime, I am currently volunteering for my Aunt at her Day Care. Being able to work with children after school and in the summer is really allowing me to grasp how similar it will be to maintain and keep up with the amount of work I have planned for the future. 

Taleah C.

  • School: Temple University

    Major: Early Childhood Education

    Minor: Human Development and Childhood Engagement


    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2020)