Personal Statement: 


I haven’t developed a passion for biology until high school, and not until my sophomore year, I decided I wanted to go into the healthcare field. I developed a love for the subject and the study of life. I have joined programs and volunteered at hospitals in which they have pushed me further into the career path. I grew up in a low-income household and in two different countries throughout my life. Seeing how many of the healthcare systems fail to treat patients equally is unacceptable to me. My goal is to develop my knowledge and skills in the healthcare field in order to use them to help both my communities. Currently, I am able to connect with other students and professionals of experiences to get to know more about the healthcare field and learn about some of the paths that they took to help myself navigate and be open to many directions. My degree will help me achieve my career goal, and ultimately be able to give back and share my knowledge.

Vuochleng K.

  • School: La Salle University

    Major: Biology

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2024)