Personal Statement: 


Currently, I’m majoring in Undeclared Business but I am also interested in International Relations and Entrepreneurship. I aspire to go into the business field because I am fascinated by its seemingly endless opportunities in developing a diverse range of skills and experiences. It's amazing to see how a business idea can become reality and impact people on a local, national, and global scale. To work towards my aspirations of becoming a business owner, I plan on obtaining my undergraduate degree in addition to an MBA degree.
Through my venture into college, I want to explore as many of my interests as possible and develop my cultural awareness be it through taking on leadership positions in local Asian American coalitions or studying abroad. Furthermore, I want to become involved in the immigrant community locally or internationally and help relieve their struggles as migrants and asylum seekers. I aspire to successfully establish my own nonprofit business to assist low-income students in addition to immigrant families. I understand that my success is defined by my community and I strive to give back not only as a future businesswoman but as an individual who wants the best for the people around me.

Xiuting W.

  • School: Drexel University 

    Major: Business Undeclared

    Anticipated Graduation: 

    • Undergrad (2024)